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Whenyou welcome a new dog into your family, one of the first things to do is choose the perfect name foryour dog. This might feel like a daunting task to some new dog owners. However, inspiration can be found everywhere, especially indifferent cultures.

The country of Mexico is rich inculture andhistory, from the food to the geography, from ancient civilizations to modern art andmusic. It could be thatthe perfect dog name foryour new friend comes from the Spanish language!

Forcertain dogs like Chihuahuas ora Xoloitzcuintles (Mexican Hairless dog) oranother Mexican dog breed, of course it makes sense to consider a Mexican name foryour pup. However, there are somany unique andcute Mexican dog names thatmake great choices formany popular dog breeds!

Whetheryou’ve got a big orsmall dog, a Mexican dog breed ormore common type, ora pup whose personality is a little picante (spicy), this list without a doubt has the best Mexican dog names to pick from!

Ifyou’re the new proud mom ordad to a new puppy orrescue dog, definitely consider these amazing names inspired by Mexican culture. Butremember thatto properly honor the language, make sure you practice the correct pronunciation; get your tongue ready to roll your R’s intrue Spanish form!

Female Mexican Names ForYour Girl Dog

Here are some beautiful ideas forfemale Mexican dog names. These names range from cute to classic. Some are more popular thanothers; “Lola,” “Maya,” and“Sofia,” are all great names, butperhaps you’re looking forsomething a little less common, like “Nayeli” or“Rafaela.”

Can’t you just picture a Chihuahua named Lupe? Orhow about Gloria the Golden Retriever? There’s no shortage of great ideas forfemale Mexican dog names foryour amiga.

Angelica (Geli forshort)
Carolina (“Caro” is a common nickname)
Estella (“Stella” forshort)
Gloria (Glori forshort)
Isabella (Bella is a cute nickname)
Lena (Nickname forpeople named Magdalena)
Lupe (Lupita is a cute nickname version)
Mabel (Nickname forpeople named Maria Isabel)
Majo (Nickname forpeople named Maria José)
Malena (Nickname forpeople named Maria Elena)
Rafaela (“Rafa” forshort)
Reina (“Queen” inSpanish)
Tina (Short forCristina)
Verónica (“Vero” forshort)
Yolanda (“Yoli” is a cute nickname)

Male Mexican Dog Names

One of the coolest things about many Mexican names is thatthey already have unique nicknames. This is especially true forthese male Mexican dog names.

Toño, Nando, Pepe, andLalo are all super common nicknames inLatin America thatare excellent names forboy dogs, sincethey are already shortened to two-syllables andwill quickly catch the attention of a new puppy orrescue dog whenyou begin to train them.

Alejandro (“Ale” forshort)
Antonio (“Toño” is a common nickname)
Armando (“Mando” forshort)
Chepe (Nickname forpeople named José)
Eduardo (“Eddie” forshort)
Ernesto (“Neto” forshort)
Fernando (“Nando” forshort)
Francisco (“Cisco” could be a nickname)
Gregorio (“Goyo” is a common nickname)
Guillermo (“Memo” is a common nickname forGuillermo)
Lalo (Another nickname forpeople named Eduardo)
Pepe (Common nickname forpeople named José)
Rafael (“Rafa” forshort)
Rey (“King” inSpanish)
Roberto (“Beto” forshort)
Sebastián (“Sebas” forshort)

Funny Mexican Dog Names ForGoofy Dogs

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The best Mexican name foryour pup will be justasunique andfun asthey are!

Mexico has a bunch of creative slang words used between friends – andsince your pup is obviously your BFF, a name like Ese orCarnál is a perfect pick. Is your Pit Bull just the best, coolest dog inthe world? Call him orher Chido orNeta, whichboth refer to something that’s super cool orsupremely good (which, ifwe’re being honest, describes all dogs)!

You might notice thatsome of these Mexican names end with a suffix “-ito” (for a boy) or“-ita” (for a girl). This usually signifies thatsomething is especially small orcute. So, any of the names ending in-ito or-ita are perfect choices forsmall dogs.

Lastly, remember to pay attention to the different variations forfemale andmale dogs!

Bandita“bandit” inSpanish (for a female)
Bandito“bandit” inSpanish (for a male)
CarnálMexican slang for“bro”
Chica“girl” inSpanish
Chico“boy” inSpanish
Chido“cool” inMexican slang
Cosita“little thing” inSpanish
EseA nickname friends call each other
Gorditameaning “fatty” butina cute way (for a female)
Gorditomeaning “fatty” butina cute way (for a male)
Gringameaning “foreigner” typically with light skin (for a female)
Gringomeaning “foreigner” typically with light skin (for a male)
Guëymeaning “dude”
Jefameaning “boss” inSpanish (for a female)
Jefemeaning “boss” inSpanish (for a male)
Loca“crazy” inSpanish (for a female)
Loco“crazy” inSpanish (for a male)
NetaMexican slang forsomething really good ortrue
PachucoTerm forMexican-American subculture group
Picante“Spicy” inSpanish
Taco BellFast food restaurant chain
TexMexA type of fusion cuisine
Tía“dude” fora female
Tío“dude” fora male

Mexican Dog Names Inspired by Animals

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Another wonderful source of inspiration fordog names comes from the animal kingdom. Your dog might possess certain characteristics intheir appearance orpersonality thatremind you of a certain animal. Give it a spicy twist by using the Spanish word instead!

Your swiftly sprinting Greyhound could be Gacela (meaning “gazelle”), whilean always-snoozing St. Bernard could be Perezoso (meaning “sloth”), orPerez fora shortened, fun option.

Your dog’s specific breed can also serve asinspiration forhis orher name. Mariposa, meaning butterfly, is such an adorable name fora Papillon (which is the French word forbutterfly). Lobo (wolf) is a perfect pick fordogs like Huskies orAlaskan Malamutes.

You can also choose a Mexican name of an animal thatis related to your dog’s appearance. Forexample, ifyour dog has a stripey orbrindle coat, you could call him orher Tigre, meaning tiger; Toro (bull) is a fitting name forany pup thatis of the bully breed variety.

Abeja“bee” inSpanish
Águila“Eagle” inSpanish
Araña“spider” inSpanish
Ardilla“squirrel” inSpanish
Ballena“Whale” inSpanish
Camello“camel” inSpanish
Canguro“kangaroo” inSpanish
Capibara“Capybara” inSpanish
Cebra“Zebra” inSpanish
Chapulín“grasshopper” inSpanish
Cobaya“guinea pig” inSpanish
Colibrí“Hummingbird” inSpanish
Conejo“rabbit” inSpanish
Cordero“lamb” inSpanish
Cuervo“Crow” inSpanish
Delfín“Dolphin” inSpanish
Erizo“hedgehog” inSpanish
Gacela“gazelle” inSpanish
Gallina“Hen” inSpanish
Gallo“Rooster” inSpanish
Garza“Heron” inSpanish
León“lion” inSpanish (male)
Leona“lion” inSpanish (female)
Loba“wolf” inSpanish (female)
Lobo“wolf” inSpanish (male)
Mariposa“Butterfly” inSpanish; “Mari” forshort
Mosca“fly” inSpanish
Oso“bear” inSpanish
Perezoso“sloth” inSpanish (Perez forshort)
Pez“Fish” inSpanish
Pingüino“penguin” inSpanish
Puma“Mountain Lion” inSpanish
QuetzalType of colorful bird
Rana“Frog” inSpanish
Tiburón“Shark” inSpanish
Tigre“Tiger” inSpanish
Toro“Bull” inSpanish
Tucán“Toucan” inSpanish

Unique Dog Names From Mexican Geography

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Aswe mentioned before, Mexico is quite a large country andis full of many amazing places. From cities to famous landmarks, evenarcheological sites from ancient cultures, these Mexican dog names are absolutely one-of-a-kind! We’re willing to bet you’ve never met any dogs named Mochis orTulúm atthe dog park!

Have you taken a favorite vacation to Mexico, ordo you dream of going? Do you have Mexican heritage coming from one of these famous places? Whilesome of these names are a mouthful to say, they are also easy to shorten, creating the perfect name foryour perro. Also, you’ll find thatmost of these names are appropriate foreither a boy orgirl dog.

AlamoLocation of a famous battle between Mexico andTexas
CalakmulMayan archeological site
ChiapasState; “Chia” forshort
Chichen ItzaMayan temple; “Chichi” or“Itza” are good nicknames
ColimaCity; “Coli” forshort
CozumelCity; “Cozu” or“Mel” both work asnicknames
El ArcoGeographic landmark inCabo San Lucas
JaliscoState; “Jali” forshort
JuárezCity (Ciudad Juárez)
LucasCity of Cabo San Lucas
MarietaGroup of islands inNayarit
MéridaCity; “Méri” forshort
MexicaliCity; “Cali” is a cute nickname
MitaCity (Punta Mita)
MitlaZapotec archeological site inOaxaca
MochisCity (Los Mochis)
Monte AlbánZapotec archeological site inOaxaca
NayaritState; try “Naya” fora nickname
PalenqueMayan archeological site
PazCity (La Paz); “paz” also means “peace” inSpanish
Quintana RooState; many options fornicknames like “Quinta,” “Tana,” and“Roo”
SumideroSumidero Canyon; “Sumi” forshort
TeotihuacánAncient temple; try “Teo” asa nickname
ToninaMayan archeological site
TorreónCity; “Torre” forshort
UxmalSite of Mayan ruins inYucatán (pronounced oosh-mal)
VeracruzCity; “Vera” or“Cruz” are both good nicknames
ZacatecasCity; “Zac” or“Tecas” are both great nicknames

Colorful Names forYour Canine Amigo

There are many popular dog names derived from colors. Butsome of them might seem a bit too commonplace foryour dog’s special personality. Instead, try using the Spanish word foryour color of choice! It gives a creative twist to a possibly overused name.

Forexample, an Irish Setter could be called Cobre instead of Copper. Your blue-eyed puppy would make an adorable Azul.

Many of these names will work foreither a boy orgirl dog. But, remember thatinSpanish, words can be feminine ormasculine – sobe sure you choose the right version foryour puppy.

Azul“Blue” inSpanish
Blanca“White inSpanish” (female)
Blanco“White” inSpanish (male)
Cian“Cyan” inSpanish
Cobre“Copper” inSpanish
Crema“Cream” inSpanish
Gris“Grey” inSpanish
Lavanda“Lavender” inSpanish
Marfíl“Ivory” inSpanish
Mostaza“Mustard” inSpanish
Naranja“Orange” inSpanish
Negra“Black” inSpanish (female)
Negro“Black” inSpanish (male)
Oro“Gold” inSpanish
Plata“Silver” inSpanish
Roja“Red” inSpanish (female)
Rojo“Red” inSpanish (male)
Salmón“Salmon” inSpanish
Violeta“Violet” inSpanish

Dog Names Inspired By Classic Mexican Drinks

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Let’s be honest, whohasn’t occasionally been inspired aftera couple of cocktails? Margaritas andTequila are almost synonymous with Mexico, andeither is a fun option foryour spunky pup! But, the fun doesn’t stop there! Here are evenmore dog name ideas based onpopular drinks inMexico.

Is your pup always up fora chill, good time? “Chela” is a Mexican slang word used for“beer” thatis more unique and(in our opinion) cooler-sounding thancerveza – the actual Spanish word forbeer.

Ifyou’re not a fan of alcohol, there are plenty of other great names here. Imagine a cream-colored Lab named Horchata, ora sweet Chihuahua named Jarritos, afterthe popular Mexican soda brand. It doesn’t get cuter thanthat!

AtoleA breakfast drink
BohemiaBrand of beer
Café“Coffee” inSpanish
CarajilloHot coffee with liquor
Chela“Beer” inMexico
ClamatoType of tomato juice used incocktails
Coca ColaTHE most popular drink inMexico
CoronaBrand of beer
Dos EquisBrand of beer
FantaPopular soda inMexico
FrescaPopular soda inMexico
HorchataTraditional drink made from rice
IndioBrand of beer
JarritosBrand of soda inMexico
JugoJuice inSpanish
JumexPopular brand of juice inMexico
LecheMilk inSpanish
MargaritaCocktail made with tequila
MicheladaBeer cocktail
MinervaBrand of beer
ModeloBrand of beer; “Negra Modelo” fora black dog
MundetPopular brand of cider inMexico, one of the oldest sodas inthe country
PacificoBrand of beer
PalomaCocktail made with tequila
PeñafielBrand of carbonated drinks inMexico
RaicillaDistilled spirit
Sidral“Cider” inSpanish
TecateBrand of beer
Tecito“Little tea” inSpanish; Tecita forfemale
TejateA traditional drink from Oaxaca
VictoriaBrand of beer
VinoWine inSpanish

Food Inspired Mexican Dog Names

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Truly, whodoesn’t love Mexican food? Of course, there are many foods thatyour canine friend shouldn’t eat.

Whenyou think about Mexican food, immediately a taco plate, burritos, rice andbeans come to mind. ButMexico is quite large, andthere is considerable diversity inthe cuisine between regions. Here we’ve included names honoring specific dishes from Mexico, aswell asthe Spanish words forother common foods.

Ifyou’re a comida connoisseur, you’ll absolutely love these names fordogs inspired by the dynamic, colorful, andrich flavors of Mexico!

AdoboStew with spices andmarinade
Albahaca“Basil” inSpanish
Almendra“Almond” inSpanish; Al forshort
Amaranto“Amaranth” inSpanish, an ancient grain
Arroz“Rice” inSpanish
AsadoGrilled meat
Batata“Sweet potato” inSpanish
BírriaA traditional Mexican meat stew
BombónA candy orsweet
CaldoA type of soup
CarnitasType of cooked meat
CayenneType of hot pepper used inMexican cooking
CemitaType of sandwich from Puebla
ChamoyPopular sauce
ChilaquileChila could be a cute nickname
ChimichangaTex-mex dish
ChokisPopular brand of cookies inMexico
CholulaBrand of Mexican hotsauce
Chorizo“Sausage” inSpanish
Chupatín“Lollipop” inSpanish
CocadaDessert made from shredded coconut
Col“Cabbage” inSpanish
CotijaType of cheese; “Coti” or“Tija” could both be cute nicknames
FlanDessert eaten inMexico
Fresa“Strawberry” inSpanish
Frijol“Bean” inSpanish
Huevo“Egg” inSpanish
JalapeñoType of hot pepper often used inMexican cooking
Lima“Lime” inSpanish
Melón“Melon” inSpanish
MemelaPopular street food dish from Oaxaca
MenudoTraditional Mexican Soup
Miel“Honey” inSpanish
MoleA famous Mexican sauce, pronounced “moh-lay”
MoloteA type of Mexican pastry
PaletaPopsicles inMexico
Pan“Brean” inSpanish
PicadilloA traditional Mexican dish
PicoPico de Gallo, a type of salsa
Piña“Pineapple” inSpanish
Plátano“Banana” inSpanish
PoblanoA type of chili used inMexican cooking
Pollo“Chicken” inSpanish
Queso“Cheese” inSpanish
SabritasA popular brand of snacks inMexico
SerranoType of hot pepper often used inMexican cooking
TajínPopular seasoning
TakisA popular brand of snacks inMexico
TamalA traditional Mexican food
TlayudaTraditional Oaxacan dish
TortaType of sandwich inMexico

Mexican Names of Historical Figures andFamous People

Are you a history buff, orpop culture aficionado? You’ll absolutely love these names fordogs derived from the art, music, andhistory of Mexico. From revolutionaries to rappers, these Mexican dog names are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind!

AlemánMexican rapperMale
AmelioAmelio Robles, transgender general of the Mexican revolutionMale
AmloNickname forMexico's president, Andrés Manual López ObradorMale
AtotoztliDaughter of Moctezuma (pronounced ah-toe-tosch-tlee)Female
BelindaBelinda Peregrín Schüll, musicianFemale
BenitoBenito Juarez, former president of MexicoMale
ChavelaChavela Vargas, a Mexican-Costa Rican musicianFemale
ChavezCesar Chavez, Mexican-American activistMale
CheechCheech Marin, actorMale
Chico CheMusicianMale
CuauhtémocAztec ruler of Tenochtitlan (pronounced kwa-teh-mok)Mae
El ChapoFamous Mexican cartel leaderMale
El PipilaA hero from the Mexican war of IndependenceMale
EulaliaEulalia Guzmán, teacher andarchaeologist; “Lali” is a cute nicknameFemale
Fray TormentaLucha libre wrestlerMale
FridaFrida Khalo, artistFemale
GaelGael García Bernal, actorMale
GuerreroVicente Guerrero, Mexico's first Black, Native presidentMale
GuzmánJoaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo”Male
IlancuéitlQueen of Tenochtitlan (prouncounced ih-lan-kwe-eet)Female
JosefaJosefa Ortiz de Domínguez, Mexican revolutionaryFemale
JulietaJulieta Venegas, musicianFemale
KarlaKarla Souza, actressFemale
LilaLila Downs, musicianFemale
MaderoFrancisco Madero, Mexican revolutionary andformer presidentMale
MillonarioInfamous rapperMale
MoctezumaAztec emperorMale
NataliaNatalia Lafourcade, musicianFemale
OctavioOctavio Paz, poetMale
PanchoPancho Villa, general inthe Mexican RevolutionMale
RitchieRitchie Valens, Mexican-American musicianMale
RosarioRosario Castellanos, poetFemale
SabinaMaria Sabina, a famous Mexican shamanFemale
SalmaSalma Hayek, actressFemale
SantanaCarlos Santana, guitaristMale
SelenaSelena Quintanilla, musicianFemale
ZapataEmiliano Zapata, Mexican revolutionary; Zapa forshortMale

Movies, TV Shows andBooks

Mexican culture appears inmany shows andmovies familiar around the world. These Mexican names you might recognize from popular cartoons andmovies, andthey make really great dog names foryour furry friend!

ArtemioProtagonist from the book “The Death of Artemio Cruz”Male
AuraTitle character from the book “Aura”Female
Baba LooeyQuick Draw McGraw cartoonsMale
Bulmbebee ManThe SimpsonsMale
Chespirito“Little Shakespeare” nickname of actor Roberto Gomez BolañosMale
CleoFrom the movie, “Roma”Female
CofiAmores PerrosMale
CriCriCharacter from a Mexican radio showUnisex
DominóEl MariachiFemale
Don RamónEl Chavo del OchoMale
Doña FlorindaEl Chavo del OchoFemale
El ChavoEl Chavo del OchoMale
El ChivoAmores PerrosMale
El DoradoSuperhero from Super FriendsMale
El GuapoThree AmigosMale
El MariachiEl MariachiMale
El SnowflakeNacho LibreMale
MacarioTItle character from the book “Macario”Male
MacheteCharacter played by Danny TrejoMale
MalinalliProtagonist from the book “The Labyrinth of Solitude”Female
MaruAmores PerrosFemale
Memín PenguínMexican comic book characterMale
MocoEl MariachiMale
OscarOscar Martinez, The OfficeMale
Panchito PistolesThe Three CaballerosMale
RamsesNacho LibreMale
RenataAmar te DueleFemale
RomaFrom the movie, “Roma”Female
Rubi PerezRubi, a telenovelaFemale
Señor VulturoLooney TunesMale
Slowpoke RodriguezLooney TunesMale
Speedy GonzalezLooney TunesMale
TenochY Tu Mamá, TambiénMale
TitoOliver & CompanyMale
UlisesAmar te DueleMale
ZorroMask of ZorroMale

Mythological Mexican Names ForDogs

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There are many Mexican names derived from the native Nahuatl language, spoken by the Aztecs several hundred years ago, andstill spoken today. Some of these names coming from ancient civilizations are a bit complicated, sowe’ve included their pronunciations aswell assome suggested shortened versions.

Especially forChihuahuas ora Mexican Hairless dog, these are some of the most Mexican dog names of all!

AhuicAztec goddess of rivers andstreams (pronounced ah-hwee-ik)
AtlacamaniAztec goddess of storms (pronounced at-lah-kah-mah-nee)
AtlacoyaAztec goddess of droughts (pronounced at-lah-koy-ah)
AyauhteotlAztec goddess of mist; “Aya” forshort (pronounced aya-tay-oht)
CamaxtliAztec god of the hunt; “Cam” forshort (pronounced kah-maz-tlee)
ChanticoAztec goddess of fire
ChupacabraA legendary creature thatattacks livestock
CoatlicueMost revered Aztec goddess (pronounced coh-aht-lee-kway)
El CucuyThe Mexican “boogeyman”
La CatrinaA figure from Mexican folklore associated with Day of the Dead
La LloronaGhost from a Mexican legend
La MalincheAn indigenous interpreter forHernán Cortés
La PlanchadaA ghost from Mexican folklore whohaunts hospitals
MayahuelAztec goddess of fertility (pronounced mah-yah-well)
OmecihuatlAztec goddess of duality andall creation (pronounced oh-may-see-waht)
OmetecuhtliAztec god of duality andlife (pronounced oh-may-teh-kuht-lee)
QueztalcoatlFeathered serpent from Aztec mythology (pronounced keh-tzal-coh-aht)
Tezcacoatl“Serpent King” from Aztec mythology (pronounced tehs-kah-koh-aht)
TlalocAztec god of storms (pronounced tlah-lok)
TonantzinAztec goddess of the earth (pronounced tohn-ant-seen)
TzitzamitlGrandmother goddess inAztec folklore (pronounced tss-eets-ah-meet)
XilonenAztec goddess of corn (pronounced schee-lo-nehn)
Xipe TotecAztec andToltec god of spring (pronounced schee-pey toh-tek)
XitlaliAztec goddess of the moon (pronounced schee-tlah-lee)
XochipilliAztec god of love andflowers (pronounced scho-chee-pee-lee)

Mexican Dog Names Derived From Nature

500+ Mexican Dog Names For Your Furry Amigo - DogsPlanet.com (7)

Do you love the outdoors asmuchasyour four-legged friend? Ifso, you might be looking fora Mexican dog name based onthe dazzling nature of Mexico. Here we’ve included both some Nahuatl andSpanish words forvarious elements of nature.

Do you have a pup whois always looking fora sunny spot to relax? Call her Sol (meaning “sun”), orLuz (meaning “light). Ifyou have a dainty girl dog like a Chihuahua oranother small dog breed, how perfect is the name Jatziri (the Nahuatl word meaning “dewdrop”)? We think all of these nature-based dog names are absolutely beautiful!

AdobeType of clay used to build homes
AgaveType of plant
Arena“Sand” inSpanish
Atzi“Rain” inNahuatl
Bahía“Bay”in Spanish
Barranca“Ravine” inSpanish
Brisa“Breeze” inSpanish
Brumoso“Misty” inSpanish; Brumosa forfemale. “Brumo” or“Bruma” could be nicknames
Cabo“Cape” inSpanish, like “Cabo San Lucas”
CactusType of plant
Cañon“Canyon” inSpanish
CenoteUnderwater caves
Colina“Hill” inSpanish; Coli forshort
Desierto“Desert” inSpanish
Flor“Flower” inSpanish
Isla“Island” inSpanish
Jamaica“Hibiscus” inSpanish
Jatziri“Dewdrop” inNahuatl (pronounced yaht-see-ree)
Lluvia“Rain” inSpanish
Mar“Sea” inSpanish
Metzli“Moon” inNahuatl (pronounced metz-lee)
Niebla“Fog” inSpanish
Nieve“Snow” inSpanish
Nogal“Walnut tree” inSpanish
Nopal“Cactus” inSpanish
Piedra“Rock” inSpanish
PitayaFruit from cactus plant, “Pita” forshort
Playa“Beach” inSpanish
PlumeriaFlowering shrub plant
SaguaroType of cactus
Sierra“Mountain range” inSpanish
TarragónLicorice-smelling plant
Tecolotl“Owl” inNahuatl
Tlalli“Earth” inNahuatl (pronounced tla-lee)
Xochitl“Flower” inNahuatl (pronounced scho-chee)
YuccaType of plant

Sporty Mexican Dog Names ForYour Athletic Pup

What puppy doesn’t love to run, jump, andplay? Here are some more dog name ideas forthose super energetic dogs like Australian Shepherds orBorder Collies. Of course, many of these relate to football (soccer), butthere are some other well-known Mexican athletes whose names you might recognize onthis list!

CesarJulio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez, “The Caesar” of boxing
CamposJorge Campos, footballer
CaneloCanelo Alvarez, boxer
CementosMascot of football team Cruz Azul
ChivaMascot of football team from Guadalajara; Chivo formale
CopaCopa Mundial, orWorld Cup
CruzCruz Azul, Mexican football team
El FinitoNickname forRicardo López, boxer
El KáiserNickname of Rafael Márquez, footballer
El SantoMexican luchador
FurcioMascot of football team Atlas FC
GarraMascot of football team Tigres UNAL
GoyoMascot of football team Pumas UNAM
HoyaOscar de la Hoya, Mexican-American boxer
LeonelMascot of football team from Club León
LuchadorTerm forMexican wrestlers; Luchadora forfemale
MisterioRey Misterio, wrestler
Principito“Little Prince”; nickname of Andrés Guardado, footballer
RayadosMascot of football team from Monterrey; Rayadas forfemale
SergioSergio Perez, race car driver
TuzoMascot of football team from Pachuca

Last Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this delightfully thorough compilation of fun, historic, classic, andcute Mexican dog names! Whilethese Mexican names are obviously fitting fora Chihuahua, Mexican Hairless dog, oranother Mexican dog breed, you don’t necessarily have to own a Mexican dog to appreciate these unique names.

You’ve likely chosen to adopt a rescue dog orpuppy inorder to enjoy life with your canine companion. These dog names based inMexican culture range from colorful to classic, eveninspiring andfunny. Whichever name you pick foryour pup will surely remind you to appreciate all the joys of life!

Think we’ve forgotten the perfect dog name fora Mexican dog? Let us know inthe comments! Or, ifyou end up using a Mexican dog name from our list, let us know your inspiration forthe name you chose!

500+ Mexican Dog Names For Your Furry Amigo - DogsPlanet.com (8)

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